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Written by Anh Le

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1. Mines Of Dalarnia (DAR)

Year of Release: 2021

Market Cap: $273,679,899

Total Supply: 800,000,000 DAR

Circulating Supply: 123,200,000 DAR

Precentage Released: 15.4%


It’s an action-adventure dungeon type game, that combines the dungeon game genre with mining. Two tiers of participants of the game: Miners and Land Owners. Miners are players who either mine a dungeon in the land they own or in rented land. Renting is done using the game’s token, DAR, which is used for all the purchases in-game as well as the game’s DAO token. Miners will be able to mine minerals of different tiers from different levels of dungeons and different types of dungeons. The game is still in its test-net alpha test phase and is scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2022.

Why do I think it’s good

Firstly, the game has good passive income potential. You can rent out lands you own for mining. The renting feature is not as passive as other games as you will have to keep mining features competitive to get more rewards from your land. However, you will be paid in DAR tokens for renting.

Additionally, the game will have two different tiers of staking:

Staking into Planes

LAND owners can stake DAR into the planets that host their LAND. By doing so, they reduce the resource diminishing rate for all LAND on that planet according to the amount of DAR in the planet’s staking pool.

Staking into the MoD Pool

All players can stake into the MoD pool to contribute to the game’s ongoing

development. After a minimum staking time this will grant them the following benefits:

Early access to NFT drops

NFT Rewards

Token rewards

Boost on Engagement Points gained, dependant on the DAR staked

Access to votes on community treasury use

The game is also releasing the Mining Apes NFT collection, with the initial sale of 3000 Apes and more sales in the future. The floor price for the first 3000 apes on opensea is 0.62ETH.

The first LAND sale will be held at the end of this year scheduled for Q4 of 2021. The announcement will be published on their discord server. You can purchase LAND in the initial sale for future passive income.

The game already has four dungeon types for mining and all of the game mechanics and item progression are developed and ready to play. It has really good potential as a dungeon crawl type game with a play-to-earn economy. The roadmap, dev team and community all seem strong for the time being. So, could be a good opportunity to get in on the LAND and NFT sales early on with the DAR tokens.

2. NetVRk (NTVRK)

Year of release: 2021

Market Cap: $121,740,146

Total Supply: 100,000,000 NTVRK

Circulating Supply: 31,000,000 NTVRK

Precentage Released: 31%


It is a sandbox game built exclusively for VR. NetVRk allows users to create, share, and monetize their creations using an intuitive in-game editor. The ability to create in-game assets, which can then be minted as NFTs, uses a simple drag and drop interface. It has announced multiple partnerships with a lot of the blockchain games, VOID, Cornucopias, Sidus Heroes, Gaia Everworld, Metawars, Space Sip, and many more.

Why it is a good token

First of all, the NTVRK will be the native token used for every in-game purchase and for future NFT and LAND purchases.

Buy Assets

The NTVRK token can be used to buy assets within the virtual reality world you are in. Assets can include buildings, vehicles, houses and more in the NTVRK market.


LAND parcels are currently being sold in pre-sales and private sales. But with the introduction of the marketplace, the token will be used to buy, rent and lease LAND parcels.

Buy AD Space

NTVRK tokens can be used to buy advertising space, providing passive income just like being able to use LAND in Somnium Space for AD Space.

Generate NFT

Any in-game NFT items generated by players will require NTVRK tokens. Additionally, the marketplace for these in-game NFTs will also use NTVRK tokens.


Staking uses NTVRK token. The staking is divided into different tiers and staking rewards and other mechanics receive certain boosts for owning LAND parcels, Transport NFTs and the Mega Bonus Pack. The staking pools are introduced in different rounds, rounds 1,2, and 3 are already closed with future rounds to be announced. Usually, short-term, medium-term and long-term are the three tiers.

The game has already sold different NFTs meant to give the metaverse an alternate reality feel. They have sold LAND parcels, Transport NFTs, Avatars, and other NFT packages to help creators build the world they want.

The Transport sale is summarized on their medium page here.

The LAND and Transport NFT sale over September and October made over $17 MILLION. Land minting is done randomly and will be available for sale in opensea in the future. The map is extremely big and has different districts that will become tiers for land sales once it hits opensea. Landowners can choose to modify the terrain and build structures using the in-game toolset, which gives you the freedom to create any 3D world you want to very easily. There will also be different game worlds that are partnered with NetVRk, some of which are built using Unreal Engine. Landowners can also attach portals on their LAND to a 3D game world created in Unreal Engine.

Lastly, the founders have been working with VR technology for years now and they have brought in some experienced 3D artists to help create their NFTs. So, the project is very ambitious and the team behind it seems experienced enough to pull it off.

3. Wilder Worlds (WILD)

Year of release: 2021

Market Cap: $313,060,693

Total Supply: 500,000,000 WILD

Circulating Supply: 73,683,300.17 WILD

Precentage Released: 15%


Wilder World is a decentralized artist DAO and liquid NFT marketplace. With inbuilt platforms such as Artists Guild and Mint Factory, Wilder World is the first project built on top of the Zero protocol. It features a game ready, AR/VR enabled fully decentralized platform that’s owned completely by artists and collectors. It is a very ambitious project designed to give collectors and artists a democratic platform to create and tokenize their digital assets. It will give artists and collectors features like:

Liquid NFT Market

Wilder World utilises a unique bonding curve model for NFTs, which allows fractional sales of the digital asset. Additionally, collectors can easily liquefy their digital assets and earn royalties on future sales. Artists and collectors can also bring in assets bought on other NFT platforms, modify and deploy them to be used as game-ready tokenized assets on its platform.

Artists Guild

A one of its kind social network built into the platform for the Wilder community, fellow artists can connect with each other, collaborate on projects to build assets and infrastructure, chat in real-time on video and through the inbuilt instant messaging system, in addition to sharing the latest news in the crypto universe on the artist feed.

Currently has 70 full-time creators working across 24 DAOs in 15 countries with another 1000 artists and coders in the onboarding process.

4. Mint FactOry

Mint FactOry connects digital 3D artists to design, mint and drop NFTs. Creators can leverage the massive online following of a star to increase visibility and enhance sale prospects while offering a smart contract enabled royalty payout to the celebrity. Furthermore, the character created via Mint FactOry can also be used in AR/VR games built on the Wilder World platform.

All of this will be done in the metaverse that they are creating in Unreal Engine 5 and the Zero protocol. They’re calling their virtual world Wiami, a 1:1 LIDAR scanned version of Miami, which will feature LAND NFTs as well as Wilder.Crib. For transport in this 1:1 replica of Miami, they have created Wilder.Wheels and Wilder.Crafts, fully drivable, customizable NFT vehicles and aircraft that will be available for players to purchase and use in-game. The team is also collaborating with sneaker giants to introduce Air Wild sneakers, which are exclusive NFT sneakers that can be worn in the WIlder World metaverse.

Why it is a good token

It is essentially a small Miami- sized world from the Ready Player One franchise built in Unreal Engine 5. The metaverse is following the movies’ inspirations and replicating every real-world luxury into useable and tradeable NFTs in the metaverse.

They have already launched and sold five thousand Wilder.Wheels, fully customizable and rideable vehicles ranging from sedans, off-road to sports supercars and also some rare celebrity exclusive vehicles that players can purchase and use in the metaverse. The first sale has ended in their marketplace where the floor price is 155 WILD, and on opensea, the floor price is 0.635 ETH.

You can own your own virtual crib in the Wilder.Crib, a virtual skyscraper that they are creating that consists of 108, 1 of 1 procedurally generated NFT luxury condos, that they are calling Qube, spread across 39 floors.

You can also purchase WIlder.Kicks, wearable exclusive NFT sneakers. Currently, only features the Air Wild kicks, that go for a floor price of 3 WILD in their marketplace.

Wilder World is also recruiting athletes, they announced in October that they are partnering with Orlando Magic NBA star Michael Carter-Williams as the head of their metaverse athletics. To integrate athletes and the metaverse into a P2E and PVP sporting world, they announced a sports training hub through their Player Only NFT post, where they explained how they are planning to recruit different athletes to hang out, train, play alongside inhabitants of Wilder Worlds.

Their updated roadmap talks about more exciting concepts and NFTs to be introduced in the future, including Wilder.Pets, a series of procedurally generated 5D 1 of 1 NFT Pets that all come with a unique PFP and have dynamic in-game attributes. They also plan on launching WILD staking early next year. The staking mechanics include WILD token staking and NFT staking. Staking WILD tokens will give you a reward based on the total earnings of the metaverse while staking NFTs will give you a share of the income of that respective category of NFT. For example, if you own a particular vehicle NFT within the Wilder.Wheels industry that you purchased on the Wilder Worlds marketplace, you will be able to stake that NFT and earn a portion of the earnings from the entire Wilder.Wheels industry.

The scheduled alpha test of the Wiami Wheels Alpha (invite-only), a P2E micro-game event that will allow players to finally test out their Wilder.Wheels in custom races, that will also feature races for pink slips where you can bet your vehicle in a race.

All of these exciting and ambitious ideas make this metaverse a very promising investment. It’s still launching new NFTs and about to hold its first alpha test. Moreover, the founder is very active in his socials promoting the game and the development team is fairly big with experienced members who have worked with Unreal Engine 5 and VR/AR before.



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